June 26, 2020

Version History

ThreatGet v20.07

Major features:

  • During analysis a threat is generated for each application for a rule (threats are no longer grouped by rule)
  • Analysis is a lot faster
  • Progress bar for Report generation

Minor features:

  • The Element Tab in the web interface has a button to expand and collapse all items
  • Holding Ctrl and clicking on an element opens it in a new tab
  • Tags can now have underscores and slashes in their name

Bugs fixed:

  • The rule interface can be disabled on first opening it after logging in

ThreatGet v20.06

Major features:

  • MSIs of EA Plugin can be downloaded from the UI

Bugs fixed:

  • User must select likelihood, impact and threat type for a new rule
  • Namespaces are no longer case sensitive
  • Rule Matrix update is working in Firefox

ThreatGet v20.05

Major features:

  • Namespace support (to distinguish customer created elements from AIT created elements)
  • Add support for proxy servers to the server component
  • Search field in the EA Plugin for the threats
  • Connectors are automatically renamed when the corresponding elements are renamed in EA

Bugs fixed:

  • Old version of Web front would be server from cache. (Use F5 once to load updated version, after that the latest version is always served)
  • The generated report would ask to be updated when opened
  • UI glitches in the Threat Results tab

ThreatGet v20.03

  • Documentation for Report Management
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Custom tags
  • Risk Matrix
  • Added UI Tests
  • Bugfixes